Ego von Geo (egogeo) wrote,
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Америке повелзо

 После дурака президентом будет больной альцгаймером

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden briefly appeared to confuse his granddaughter with his son as he spoke in Philadelphia on Election Day, in a verbal gaffe which was swiftly seized on by the Trump campaign.
Biden, a former stutterer renowned for becoming easily tangled in his words, was introducing the daughter of his son Beau -- who died of brain cancer in 2015 -- to supporters in the city in Pennsylvania when he called her "none other than my son Beau Biden."
Tags: куйня какая-то, сша, хомо политикус

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В ЖЖ есть только один блог, который oна читает всегда. Я поступаю так же ;)
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