Ego von Geo (egogeo) wrote,
Ego von Geo

Без темы :)

Подсел..... то ли моложусь, то ли Вальгалла зовет )))

For none but the brave
Shall rise up from the grave
To see the Valkyries fly

And so it was by the hand of Odin
Did the immortal warrior pass through
The gates of Valhalla and into legend.

Rise brother rise pass Valhalla's gates
Here great warriors await

Reborn from thy steel
All thy wounds be healed

From the earth to the sky
Now the son of Odin rise!

Take thy place among the kings
For thy soul shall never die!
Tags: manowar, музыка, отсебятина

promo egogeo november 7, 2014 12:01 6
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В ЖЖ есть только один блог, который oна читает всегда. Я поступаю так же ;)
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