Ego von Geo (egogeo) wrote,
Ego von Geo

просто так

"Полистал" новостные страницы. Эпохальную и великую победу не нашел. Извиняйте.

Top Europe Stories
Prince Philip to scale back duties
Irish PM faces pressure over budget, poll
U.N.: Bolder climate deal needed to close 'emissions gap'
Spain and Portugal reject talk of bail-outs
Pope makes frank comments in new book
IMF gives positive report card to Greece
11 terror suspects arrested in Europe
Germany restricts access to Reichstag
Bailout deal for Ireland takes shape

Arrests for Belgian 'terror plot'
EU Commission launches UK website
Sarkozy in 'paedophile' jibe row
Greece must make 'extra effort'
Prince and Kate to marry in April
Vatican clarifies condom comment
UK government agrees migration cap и т.д.
Tags: отсебятина, сегодня в мире, хомо политикус

promo egogeo november 7, 2014 12:01 6
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В ЖЖ есть только один блог, который oна читает всегда. Я поступаю так же ;)
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