Ego von Geo (egogeo) wrote,
Ego von Geo

Европейцы всех стран объеденяйтесь ))))

Люблю серф на ютюбе . Иногда бывает находишь интересные (в разных смыслах) группы.

Legionarii is a project started in 2011. It can be described as “totalitarian military industrial”, although incorporating many dark ambient and ethereal elements. The word “totalitarian” used here is meant to describe the entire atmosphere of Legionarii music in a sense of evoking an emotion of living under such a system, and a certain form of aesthetics, NOT for transmitting any political messages or promoting any particular political context. In fact, Legionarii is not interested in modern politics at all. It is an artistic project, not a political propaganda, involving certain philosophical themes and views, and those with little minds that cannot comprehend this should move along their way and some other amusement for themselves. themes that give life to this work are leadership, rule, system of control, government, war, esoteric and martial spirit, Light, Darkness, and so forth. Legionarii tries to bring the atmosphere of wars passed but not forgotten, times of glorious victories and titan battles. Legionarii’s goal is to motivate and give inner strength by awakening the true heroic spirit inside the person. Esoteric and mystic themes make a good deal of background of this work, and educated eyes can see that very wel
Tags: прогулки по ютюбу

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promo egogeo november 7, 2014 12:01 6
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В ЖЖ есть только один блог, который oна читает всегда. Я поступаю так же ;)
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