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Записки пиндосской агентши

SOCHI, Russia — President Vladimir Putin is counting off the final days until the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on Friday, and that’s probably time enough to get the Internet working in the hotels.

But getting grass to grow? Perhaps not. There’s so much goopy earth everywhere, it could be time to call out the Olympic mud wrestlers. Finding homes for the packs of hungry stray dogs? That would get at the spirit of the Games.

Putin’s people are sure to think it rude, this nattering on about such trifles. After all, Russia has spent more than $51 billion on these Games, investing in infrastructure, building 25,000 new hotel rooms, conjuring up roads and trains to get from the indoor events on the Black Sea coast up to the mountains 35 miles away.

и далее

Tags: олимпиада

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