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İn 1932, FC Bayern München faced Eintracht Frankfurt in the German Championship football match on June 12, 1932 at the Städtisches Stadion in Nuremberg. The game was a repeat of the southern-German title game that spring, in which Eintracht Frankfurt won 2:0. Munich turned the tables on Frankfurt to win their first German title 2:0.

At the time, FC Bayern München's president was Kurt Landauer, a Jewish entrepreneur who had played for the club in his youth. Landauer was a pioneer in the professionalization of German football, which made him and his club a special target for the Nazis, who pursued an explicit policy for the re-amateurization of sports. Forced to resign in 1933 and arrested and deported to Dachau in 1938, Landauer emigrated and spent the war years in Switzerland. In 1947, he returned to Munich for a third tenure as the President of FC Bayern München.

This film, shot on 16mm reels, is in the archival collection of Erna Weill at Leo Baeck Institute. Erna Weill, (1904-1996) was a sculptor from Frankfurt, Germany who studied with August Rodin and emigrated to New York to escape persecution by the Nazi regime. The films in her archival collection include footage of trips to the Alps, Palestine, and other locations throughout Germany.

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