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Переводить с турецкого было лень

Вот вам, нашел на бритише )))

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Russia's President Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Tuesday that it is the responsibility of Ukrainians  before any other external power  to find a solution to the crisis in the country.

Erdogan reportedly told Putin that instability in Ukraine would have a grave impact on the whole region.

In order for Crimean Russians and Tatars to live with Ukrainians in peace, cooperation between powers must be established in the region, Erdogan reportedly said. He emphasized that living up to international law and prinicples would be significant in overcoming the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Tags: путин, ртэ, украина

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В ЖЖ есть только один блог, который oна читает всегда. Я поступаю так же ;)
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