Ego von Geo (egogeo) wrote,
Ego von Geo

Россия и Кавказ едины в индийском рабстве

...The Ethiopian embassy was still in Dehli, when Aureng- 
Zebe assembled his privy-council, together with the 
learned men of his court, for the purpose of selecting a 
suitable preceptor for his third son, Sultan Ekbar, 1 whom 
he designs for his successor. He evinced upon this 
occasion the utmost solicitude that this young Prince 
should receive such an education as might justify the 
hope of his becoming a great man. No person can be 
more alive than Aureng-Zebe to the necessity of storing 
the minds of Princes, destined to rule nations, with useful 
knowledge. As they surpass others in power and eleva- 
tion, so ought they, he says, to be pre-eminent in wisdom 
and virtue. He is very sensible that the cause of the 
misery which afflicts the empires of Asia, of their misrule, 
and consequent decay, should be sought, and will be 
found, in the deficient and pernicious mode of instructing 
the children of their Kings. Intrusted from infancy to the 
care of women and eunuchs, slaves from Russia, Circassia, 
Mingrelia, Gurgistan?
Tags: грузия, индия, история, кавказ, россия

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